Glas Franklin

Available colors
GLAS FRANKLIN stove is made of high quality cast iron. The product design combines traditional beauty and efficiency of the present days. The stove is painted with black, heat resistant paint, giving it a patinated look.
The stove may be either installed as a self-standing unit or encased in a masonry structure with customised decorative effects. Large glazed door offers the view of the entire firebox and full experience of the open fire. The glass remains clean throughout the heating time.
The product has been designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with European (EN) standards and has CE marking affixed to it.
Dimensions (WxHxD) Dimensions (WxHxD) 860 x 800 x 630 mm
Rated output Rated output 11 kW
Maximum output Maximum output 13 kW
Weight Weight 147 kg
Heated space Heated space 200 m3
Fluepipe Fluepipe Ø 150 mm
Discharge height from the floor Discharge height from the floor 690 mm
Fule loading opening dimensions (WxH) Fule loading opening dimensions (WxH) 520 x 185 mm
Firebox dimensions (WxHxD) Firebox dimensions (WxHxD) 550 x 260 x 310 mm
Energy efficiency Energy efficiency 76.4 %
Standard Standard EN 13240
Energy label Energy label A
EU Regulation 2015/1185 EU Regulation 2015/1185 +